Devotic is a Luxembourg based internet development and high-tech consulting firm solving problems for customers.

With its experience in new technologies, Devotic can help you improve your business in many areas:
  • Improve your intranet applications to get the best value of your company network
  • Help you developing from start or upgrading your existing websites to make them more dynamic and more user-friendly
  • Help you with the analysis of today information problems and find the best architecture matching your business needs
  • Provide you the highly qualified resources you need to develop your business applications
We can help you and/or your team in many technological fields and using many of the latest languages:
  • Database systems (SQL Server, Oracle, ...)
  • Java Web applications and related technologies
  • Web services
  • Web development with dynamic HTML and javascript
  • ASP.NET applications
  • Communicating business objects (DCOM, .NET remoting, Java RMI, ...)
  • .NET technologies (C#, Visual Studio .NET, ...)
  • XML data systems
  • C++
  • and more ...
Contact us right now if you have any work starting or in progress; our high adaptation skills allow us to help you quickly during any project phase. We will be more than happy to discuss your problems and see if we can be of any value for solving your problems.
High Oracle experience Java programmer High SQL Server experience High ASP.Net experience MySQL experience Wide experience of XML usage in B2B

G.M. Benelux
Creation and maintenance of the different sites and applications of the car manufacturer Opel for the Benelux region.
  • Pages created using specific CMS controls to allow Opel direct edition of content on the site.
  • Development and maintenance of the Car Configurator application allowing customers to build their own car.
  • Development of private Dealerportal extranet and applications.
  • Creation of a news management system, with specific news placement on strategic locations on the site.
  • Automatic maintaining of whole stock database application, with advanced search and full details display.
  • Development of the aftersales accessories database and application.
  • Continuous maintenance of the site to accomodate all change requests and interactions and data exchanges with 3rd parties providers and consumers.
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Opel Homepage Opel News page Opel Showroom Opel Configurator Opel Engine Advisor Opel Stock site Opel Stock advanced search

G.M. Benelux Dealerportal
Creation and maintenance of dealer specific applications.
  • Specific configurator with price and reduction module.
  • Complete fleet conditions handling for offers and reductions.
  • Development of Dealercom application for documents sharing, with search engine integrated.
  • Creation of financial applications connecting to 3rd party providers for real time calculations and offers.
  • Creation of different applications to improve communication between Opel and the dealers.
  • Development of a standalone version of the configurator for the Brussels motorshow and RAI Autosalon, with specific finance application running on site.
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Opel Dealerportal Opel Claims application Opel Motorshow
Creation and maintenance of the website of the metal building maker Frisomat.
  • International site covering different markets, (currently 19 countries in 15 languages)
  • Pages created using specific CMS controls to allow direct edition of content on the site, with editing and publishing specific rights to correctly target specific administrators.
  • Automatic layout switching for Right-to-left languages like Arabic.
  • On place edition for main content and side administration for every single piece of text on the site.
  • URL rewriting to support language specific URLs based on content for better search engine optimization.
  • Development of a references database with proximity search for different markets.
  • Full site search engine integrated, working with searches in the 15 languages.
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Frisomat Frisomat Frisomat Frisomat Frisomat
Creation and maintenance of the website of the training provider Idilmat in Ghana.
  • Pages created using specific CMS controls to allow direct edition of content on the site.
  • Event training management.
  • Management of user registrations for the different trainings.
  • Full site search engine integrated.
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Idilmat Idilmat Idilmat Idilmat
Creation of the website of the ICT service provider ICT Control.
  • Pages created using specific CMS controls to allow direct edition of content on the site.
  • Articles management to allow edition/delayed publication.
  • Content promotion to site homepage and different banners.
  • Easy administration and overview of articles.
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Other projects
Here is a non exhaustive list of other projects I also worked on:
  • AXA. Development of a content collector portal intranet to display pertinent information from multiple and various data sources.
  • Gold and Wood. Development of the website for a luxury glasses maker.
  • UMGB. Webiste of the Doctors from the Borinage region in Belgium allowing them to manage Doctors on call.
  • NuSkin. Development of europea-wide (27 countries, 21 languages) of marketing campaigns for NuSkin brand.
  • Go4Music. Development of a restricted paid-internet page for people at Go4Music music festival.
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